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16,10 EUR*
Details Disastrous Accidents: Why They Happened

Disastrous Accidents News accounts of disastrous accidents often leave one wondering what really happened and what was the real cause of a particular accident. This book presents the underlying causes of many major accidents and identifies the events ...

108,17 EUR*
Details Exploring the Domain of Accident Law: Taking the Facts Seriously

Exploring the Domain of Accident Law This work reviews empirical evidence relating to five major categories of accidents; automobile accidents; medical malpractice; product related accidents; environmental injuries; and workplace injuries. The authors ...

7,99 EUR*
Details Mr. Accident

Universum Film Mr. Accident, USK/FSK: 6+ V?--Datum: 02.06.03

12,07 EUR*
Details Through Siberia by Accident: A Small Slice of Autobiography

Through Siberia by Accident A new adventure from an unconventional and much loved traveller and writer. Full description

80,49 EUR*
Details Democracy in the Shadows: Citizen Mobilization in the Wake of the Accident at Three Mile Island: Citizens' Mobilization in the Wake of the Accident at ... Mile Island (Contributions in Labor Studies,)

Democracy in the Shadows This book covers in depth the widespread and prolonged political struggle surrounding the Three Mile Island nuclear accident of 1979. Walsh documents the dynamics of the conflict between local communities and national nuclear ...

80,29 EUR*
Details Flying in the Face of Criminalization: The Safety Implications of Prosecuting Aviation Professionals for Accidents

Two parallel investigations take place after every aviation accident: one technical, one judicial. The former must be conducted with the sole intention of making safety recommendations to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents. The judicial ...

7,49 EUR*
Details Accident in Paradise Reedition

.Label: Eye Q (Warner).Published: 1993/9 tracks + 2 bonus tracks